Heck sausage

Feb 23rd '17 09:40 AM
Does anyone know why it says 13.5 syns for two grilled heck sausages on the package,yet people say they r 3 per sausage ? I dont understand 😕
Feb 23rd '17 09:56 AM
You mean it actually states a proper SW syn value on the package?
Can you post a pic? I didn't think they used syn values as they aren't an affiliated company...

The syn value depends on which type of sausage they are

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Feb 23rd '17 10:02 AM
Hi no,sorry,what i meant was,when i work the calories out on the back of the packet,it comes up 13.5 syns,its something like 260 cals for two so how can that equal to 3 syns each
Feb 23rd '17 10:22 AM
Because the 20 calories per 1 syn rule only applies to foods that do not contain any free foods. It's best used for things like chocolate, crisps, cakes, sweets, etc because they don't use any free foods.
The heck sausages contain a free food either in the form of pork or chicken.
These are the syn values for some of the Heck sausages

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Feb 23rd '17 10:24 AM
Right...thank you so much for this.so basically the 3 syns are for the other bits n bobs in the sausage,the pork is free...got you 😀😀
Feb 23rd '17 10:25 AM
Pretty much yes
Bear in mind it doesn't apply to all food, these are made with reduced fat pork, not all sausages are made with low fat meat, so always best to check here first

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Feb 23rd '17 10:29 AM
So glad i have found this !!! Ill never be off here haha 😃
Feb 26th '17 10:20 AM
Hi Kyliej I'm never off here either, it's usually Sarah that answers, she's great 😊
Jul 9th '17 18:28 PM
Is the chicken paprika sausages 0.5 for 2 sausages?
Jul 10th '17 07:37 AM
yes it is