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May 21st '16, 16:39 PM  
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Well I used to love being able to nip to kfc for a pulled chicken rice box! Now they have stopped it and in its place is a veggie rice box with a corn cob. Does anyone know the syn value in this? I've searched everywhere 🤔

Thanks X
May 21st '16, 17:29 PM  
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I can't even see it on their website to even attempt to look at the ingredients or possible nutritional info! which is rubbish!

I know it's veggie, but I would allocate the maximum Syns to it to be on the safe side. As the original recipe one is 10.5, I'd guesstimate that. I know the pulled chicken was only 4.5, but You're always better overestimating than under!

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May 24th '16, 06:22 AM  
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I have no idea why they stopped the pulled chicken, it sounds like it sold really well! I used to love it, now I'm at a blank what to have when Hubby wants to go!
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