Sweet Chilli Sauce

Apr 25th '16 17:01 PM
Hi Everyone
Does anyone know the syn value for sweet chilli sauce please?
Thanking you in advance xx
Apr 26th '16 09:54 AM
what brand is it please.
Apr 26th '16 09:55 AM
here are some for you

Asda Chosen by You Sweet Chilli Sauce (1 level tbsp)
Blue Dragon Squeezy Sweet Chilli Sauce, Mild (1 level tbsp) 1
Apr 26th '16 10:00 AM
It was the Aldi one that jotracy was looking for - there was a duplicate thread on the main SW page

I always forget how much they range in syns depending on the brand - always safe to count 2 syns per tbsp I reckon - better to over estimate than under!!
Apr 26th '16 10:12 AM
is it this one

Aldi Asia Specialities Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce (1 level tbsp) 1
Apr 26th '16 10:16 AM
Yes - this was the duplicate thread: http://www.socialslimmers.com/slimmi...lli-sauce.html
I hadn't realised the one I answered wasn't in the syns section - downside of using Tapatalk!!