Baked oats

Oct 20th '15 19:07 PM
Could someone please explain why this baked version is sinned as 1 on extra easy please , ingredients are
35g porridge oats
I small egg
3 tsp sweetener
Few drops vanilla essence
100g raspberries or any fruit
90g vanilla muller light or any light yoghurt

All ingredients are mixed together and baked in the oven

Thankyou x
Oct 20th '15 19:12 PM
It's the cooked fruit that has syns. You could make it without and have them raw in the side.
Oct 20th '15 19:13 PM
Because the raspberries are cooked.
As soon as you cook, mash, purée, juice, blitz or do anything to fruit except chop it and eat it, it becomes synned.
To be fair the Syns aren't that bad, generally 100g of most berries is only 1 syn, and from what I've heard about this recipe it's well worth that 1 syn

Still haven't made it myself yet, that'll be a weekend job!
Oct 20th '15 19:23 PM
Oh right , I couldn't fathom why it was synned X thanks for explaining that x😀
Oct 20th '15 19:25 PM
Like Ali said you could leave them out and have them on the side to make it syn free, but I'm going to at least try it with them in, if I'm not a fan I'll try another way lol xx
Oct 20th '15 21:43 PM
I'm going to give it a go in morning .. I'm up really early so will have time . Will let you know what I think of them x
Oct 21st '15 18:31 PM
Well I tried them this morning ..................yuuuuuuuuuk 😖😝😖😝
So glad I put my fruit 'on the side' and was able to have some breakfast, won't be trying this version ever again !!!! X
Oct 21st '15 21:30 PM
Thats a shame. I quite enjoyed mine. There are quite a lot of different recipes though, some using milk rather than yogurt.
Oct 21st '15 21:45 PM
Yeah Alicat, think milk would be a better option x