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How many syns in Pot Shots?

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Jan 3rd '14, 21:34 PM  
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How many syns in Pot Shots?

Anyone know how many syns are in these pasta pot shots? I like the spicy tomato one.

Jan 3rd '14, 22:30 PM  
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Syns in Batchelors Pasta Mug Shots

I was reading a thread about these the other day. I've started keeping a supply of chicken and spicy tomato at work for when I get peckish

Syn Free on Extra Easy & Green:
Sweet & Sour (10 on Original)
Chicken (12 on Original)
Spicy Tomato (10.5 on Original)
Chinese Style (8 on Original)

Low Syns on EE & Green:
Creamy Cheese - 2.5 Syns (15.5 on Original)
Tikka Style - 1 Syns (11.5 on Original)
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