Tuesday weigh in

May 9th '17 17:14 PM
Really pleased ive lost 3lb in my first week, theres so much food to get through !
May 9th '17 18:14 PM
Well done! That's a fabulous loss!

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May 19th '17 16:13 PM
Hi All. Late with my weigh in this week, but have lost 2lb, I now weigh 10 stone dead, havnt weighed this for a year ! Really pleased
Jun 1st '17 19:21 PM
Oh dear, ive gained 2lb in past 2 weeks, although ive been on holiday and drank quite a bit. ,cant seem to get back on track now, just ate a packet of marshmallows ! Got to get my head round this ,hopefully fresh start tomorrow . My current weight is 10st 2lb
Jun 2nd '17 10:20 AM
Good luck with getting back on track