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Lost 5 stone

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Jul 21st '15, 23:31 PM  
Socially Shy
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Lost 5 stone

Hi,i have recently lost 5 st,it took me about 11mths
But im posting to say how i did it without any diet plan etc!
had the most silly coments off so call palls,,,ie "u dying!!",u got the Cancer!"
people can be weird i think,when u fat they take the pee,and when u slim they take the pee!!
i think i will just think of me now!!
Jul 23rd '15, 11:17 AM  
SoSlim Star
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Well done on your weight loss - Inspirational stuff.

As for people, they are strange sometimes. I think some people are just mean and weight loss can challenge their own feelings about their weight etc (insecurities for instance).

Hope you manage to maintain well - that is the tricky part for me I must admit, I've yo-yo'd in the past so this journey is about losing weight but also keeping my weight down. Slimming world allow you to set your own target and if you stay within 3lb of it it's free to go to group so it keeps you motivated to maintain and support is in place to help you do that.

Hope you find the site here helpful and supportive.
Jul 23rd '15, 21:11 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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Wow Mitchboy that's fantastic! What an amazing amount to lose, well done.

Sorry to hear that your friends are not very supportive and still making jibes. I've had remarks like those from so-called friends and even family. They would probably call it "banter", I call it bullying. They don't seem to realise just how much those kind of remarks actually hurt and stay with you.
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