Tuesday Weigh In

Jun 23rd '15 23:14 PM
Well done on the fantastic losses, Milly, Jaytee and spoonymoose!

I'm here to join you Tuesday weighers with a 2lb loss tonight!
Jun 24th '15 05:29 AM
Fabulous Looby!
Jun 24th '15 07:04 AM
Yay well done guys
Jun 24th '15 07:17 AM
Well done everyone! Great losses!
Jun 26th '15 15:20 PM
Well done everyone !
Jun 30th '15 17:58 PM
Damn and blast it! I am usually an AM weigher but today I had to go to the evening session and I've had breakfast and lunch. 1.5 lb on.

There's always next week!
Jun 30th '15 21:45 PM
I maintained, bit disappointing as I was aiming for my 1 stone award.
Jun 30th '15 22:21 PM
1.5lb off for me this week
Jun 30th '15 22:27 PM
Well done, Spoonymoose, on your 1.5lb loss.

Milly and Jaytee...I feel your pain....I was only half a pound away from my next award, and I went and put on a pound.

So I now have 1 and a half pounds to lose for my next award.

So annoyed!
Jun 30th '15 22:34 PM
Thanks Looby.

Don't worry; I think with the heat and all of the salad we'll all be eating we're all bound to have an amazing loss next week