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Aug 1st, 2017, 13:08 PM  
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Slimming world

I'm a new mum and currently following slimming world. I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas on easy breakfasts?? Fry ups are great but I struggle to find time to make toast let alone cook? Maybe something I could prepare at night? I do overnight oats, but just wondering what everyone does for an easy life. Thank you
Aug 1st, 2017, 13:18 PM  
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I'm a very basic person and my breakfasts tend to be muesli, yogurt and strawberries, or the SW hifi bars and fruit. So I can't really offer many alternative options!
What about making a breakfast quiche one day? Then you could have it across the week for breakfast? Or just snack on it when you get really hungry between meals?

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Aug 1st, 2017, 17:38 PM  
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Like the person above, my breakfast tends to be simple. I usually have a bowl of cereal with fruits on the side. Sometimes toast. I also get wholemeal tortillas, and I'd put some chicken (either leftovers or packaged prepared chicken slices) with salad.

If you want extra help on an active forum, there's a NHS weight loss forum, and they have a Daily Diary where many of the forum members share their meals, ideas, and recipes. You'll get more help (no offense to this forum...). They won't allow me to post links here, but I see nothing wrong with using both forums. It's on healthunlocked.

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Aug 3rd, 2017, 13:40 PM  
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There's a lot of things that you can make the night before and just warm through. Give stuff a go and see. French toast, with bacon and mushrooms or add cinnamon to the egg mixture and make it sweet with berries and some natural yogurt. Bacon and egg cups, line muffin tins with lean bacon and crack an egg in each one, add whatever else you want, ham, pepper, etc. Quesadillas (weight watchers wraps are a HEB) put what ever you want in and dry fry in a pan. The mini shredded wheat with fruit centres are really nice. Don't get a lot for a HEB though so will def need to add fresh fruit.
Yesterday, 21:51 PM  
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Anyone know how many syns kolla corn cakes are?? I'm also trying to find breakfast/ snack food

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Yesterday, 22:20 PM  
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I have a big bowl of fresh fruit with 50g natural greek yoghurt (healthy extra) and 40 g of museli (healthy extra).

You could pepare the fruit the night before but it takes a while to chomp your way through it in the morning.

I think that is a good thing, you really feel like you have eaten something substantial.
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