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Just a thought...

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Jun 3rd '17, 02:10 AM  
I'm loving me
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Just a thought...

I absolutely love slimmingworld and have been a group member and online member in the past and to date. If my friends are moaning about their weight etc, I always recommend slimmingworld...... After coming back off holiday with hubby last week, I decided to try for one week a more clean eating approach to slimmingworld. So I ditched the fizzy,bread,processed foods, pasta and the booze ( I normally saved my syns for alcohol ). I'm not a sweet tooth so not having sweets,sugar wasn't a problem for me. So basically all week I have been eating fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats and fish, lots of flavoured water to drink with lemons and oranges. I have had backed spuds and rice, but more important I have really watched my portion intake. It has been so easy to do.
So when I jumped on the scales drum roll please...... 6 pound off!!!! I was sooooo shocked. Now I thought that was great as I only had 1.5 stone to go till target. My next weigh in doing this sort of plan is Monday so we will see.... I can't expect huge results this time around but it certainly gave me a much needed boost.
Just a thought if you are at a stand still in your weight loss journey X
Jun 3rd '17, 22:17 PM  
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Well done! That's a fabulous loss!
We've had quite a few people in our group that have cut out fizzy drinks and have seen good results. And same with cutting down on the pasta/rice/potatoes.

My only piece of advice is that you should make sure you are using your syns in some way. At least 5 a day. I know you probably know this having been a member for a while, but whilst avoiding them can give you a good loss one week, you may not see the same kind of result the next week

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