Newbie in need of help.. Please!

Apr 19th '17 15:42 PM

Newbie here!! My weigh in day is on Thursdays!! SO nervous about tomorrow, debating whether to go!

I was only 2lbs off my 2 stone mark and started in January, my birthday was end of March so had my first gain then, then for some reason gained 0.5lbs last weigh in and still have't reached my 2 stone mark! Obviously Easter has just been and I know I have gained AGAIN but i'm nervous 1. About finding how much, and 2. About everyone knowing I've gained again. I just cannot get back on track since my birthday!! I'm going to Malta in June and that was my target goal to drop another dress size before then but I need some serious HELP now!

Can anyone help me please and suggest anything??

Thank you xxxx

Apr 19th '17 17:04 PM
My first piece of advice is - don't avoid going to class. For me, that's the worst thing to do. Going to a class holds me accountable for my actions.
I have been in the same sort of 'rut' as you and I've only avoided going to group when I physically couldn't because of a migraine (I was like a vampire with any form of light ) But missing that one group wasn't great because I felt like I could get away with going over on syns and drinking that little bit more than normal and it didn't do me any favours at all!

It's so annoying how close you can get to a milestone and it's just that bit out of reach for you! And it's usually when you get 0.5-1 lb away from it.

As much as you don't like the thought of people knowing you've gained again, I imagine you might be surprised how many people have been through exactly the same thing several times. If you stay to group, they may have some good advice for you to help get you back on track. Ask your consultant to drop you a text or phone call in between weigh in's to see how you're getting on. Sometimes that text can appear at the right second, just as you think about eating something that will send you on that spiral.

You've got 6 WI's left before June (this 7th one falling on 1st June!) and you can achieve anything in that time.
You can do this
Apr 20th '17 16:31 PM
Thank you very much for reply, really appreciate it, especially from a fellow SW member!

Has been really interesting reading what you have to say, and I definitely think you are right! I have seen other members looking very disheartened when they haven't lost, even cried, and they don't even know why. So at least I know where I have gone wrong.

Yeah I have only stayed in group on a few occasions when I first joined, would never have originally thought of staying after a gain, but I think it would help, and be good to hear what other people do when they have a wobble!

Yeah that's a good idea, my consultant never phones/texts me as she knows I had been doing so well.

Yes that's very true!! Need to smash it now so I can look back at how well I have done!

Thanks again for the advice
Apr 25th '17 16:59 PM
I stay to group every week and it really helps, although I also run the shop so I have no choice haha!
I use the online weight loss planner and I plan for the next day, that way I already know the syns I'm going to use and what I can do to improve it. For example making it an SP day.
Try to look at your weight loss on a monthly basis this also helps me