Feb 23rd '17 13:11 PM
Hi All,

Just registered so am new here. Slimming World - My 1st week I lost 1lb - my second week I lost 3lb and this week I 'gained' 1lb - I do not understand why this happened? I was doing exactly the same as the two previous weeks......confused! Help!

Feb 23rd '17 13:21 PM
Hi Anne, welcome to social slimmers
Well done on your losses so far

A few things I can think of:
Have you eaten enough?
Have you used your syns? How many a day?
Have you measured your healthy extra choices?
How much water do you drink?
Have you increased your exercise recently?
Have you got 1/3 of your meals as speed food?
Have you changed your meals at all, or have they been exactly the se?

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Feb 23rd '17 14:48 PM
thank you for your reply - I am now writing everything that goes into my mouth which hopefully will help. Maybe I had become too relaxed? and it is odd because when I think back the previous two weeks I was in a way eating a little more - and I was so excited about losing the 3lbs last week maybe I was thinking I could do without this or that which will speed up my weight loss (I am talking here about really small changes) - I dont' know. I am really clutching at straws here in the hope that it will be different at my next weigh-in next week on the Wednesday. Another thought was I did walk quite rapid from work to the slimming world class - well, its what I call rapid walking for me - others would call it 'normal' walking - as I do have to lose 5 or so stone which does slow me down as you can imagine!

Again thank you for your reply which I have found very helpful.

Feb 23rd '17 14:52 PM
If you like, you can post your food diary for the week and we can help out where we see any issues?
Some of the most important things are to make sure that you use your syns each day, at least 5 of them. They really help with the losses.
Also, try to drink 2 litres of water every day too.
If it just an extra walk, that may not have much of an effect. If you had done a walk everyday where normally you wouldn't, then I would say that probably had an effect on the scales.
Change your meals up a bit. Don't stick to the exact same foods every week. Your body won't work as hard to process them when it gets used to them.
Make sure you've measured your Hex choices each day. Estimating means you're likely to go over on syns which has a surprising effect!

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