Missing green and red days

Feb 2nd '17 23:33 PM
Hello everyone.

I used to be a member of slimming world and went to group about 7 years ago. I did good and lost 2 stone. Over the years I've put it back and taken it off via low carb diets but decided I just can't cope not being able to live normally.

So I've joined slimming world online as the group support never felt that important for me.

I remember eating a mountain of pasta and passata for my food for lunch and dinner as well as 4 slices of bread plus healthy fruits and veg in between with the odd red day to enjoy a bacon sandwich of course. Of course I varied a little with slimming world chips and quite sausages (when they were free) syns were generally used for the weekend nights out and alcohol.

The plan now has confused me, you need to have 1/3 veggie basically with meals? So when it's a spag bol night side of veg? Can it be onion and fresh tomatoes in the spag bol? You can't have a syn free cottage pie on its own?

I used things like mugshots, pasta n Sauce, super rice (not a fan that only the curry is free) so anyway I have to have a side of veg with that? Can i just have fruit after?

It's all changed quite a bit and I'm a little put down if I'm honest.

Food diary for last 2 days (I've been working 12hr shifts so wasn't the best start)

Day 1-breakfast (eaten between 8am-12:30pm)
Coffee and milk (hea)
Muller light yoghurt

Lunch (eaten around 12:30-1)
Curry super rice (sun free) with green beans and carrots added

Snack (eaten at 5pm ish)
Ham sandwich (heb)

Dinner (eaten about 9pm-not great but I work 12hr shifts)
Low fat supernoodles
Cup of tea with milk (hea)

Day 2- breakfast
Muller light yoghurt

Jacket potato
Cheese (hea)
Side salad

Ham sandwich (heb)

Mug shot

Am I on the right track at least?
Feb 2nd '17 23:48 PM
Welcome to social slimmers! And welcome back to SW

Yes you are on the right track.
The idea with the EE plan is to have 1/3 of your plate as speed food, as much as possible.
Yes, you could have a syn free cottage pie on its own, but adding some extra speed veggies will help speed up your losses.
Like having a small side salad with your bolognese is a 100% on plan meal. Having it without the salad is still really good, but you are more likely to do better with a bit of extra veg on the side.

There's nothing wrong with doing it as you used to, except you only get 1 each of the A and B choices.

I know you know the drill anyway, it's just a case of making sure you feel comfortable with what you are eating, you aren't hungry all the time, measure your A&B choices and drink plenty of water and as always, use your syns as you see fit

Don't lose heart, it'll take some getting used to the newer plan, but you'll get there and those lbs will be dropping off in no time

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Feb 3rd '17 08:14 AM
Aw you've got me all determined :-) does having some speed fruit after main meal still count towards this new plan? Some of my favorite foods really don't appeal to me with salad or veggie.

Off to Iceland after work to get lots of free burgers, sausages etc so I'll feel better with a freezer full of options ;-)

Thank you x
Feb 3rd '17 10:12 AM
There are plenty of new options for working speed foods into your main meals; these help cut down on your free food allowances so that you are eating more of what keeps you full for longer.

For example, Sainsbury's have got a HUGE range in their prepared vegetables section that many people (including me) are going crazy over. It started off with their ready prepared spiralised butternut squash noodles and has gone from there. At the moment I'm loving their butternut squash crinkle cut chips. They also do squash waffles, cauliflower rice, broccoli rice, courgette lasagne sheets, squash lasagne sheets, and other bits and bobs. I can attest that the courgette lasagne sheets are bloody lovely!
Feb 3rd '17 10:14 AM
For my spag bol, I worked out the weights and ensure my 1/3 speed is incorporated into the spag bol so for instance:

450g mince (to make 4 portions)
400g cooked weight pasta (4 portions) = 850g - so you need at least 283g to hit your 1/3 speed.
500g passata
I use 3/4 large tub of ready chopped onions (tub is 400g so I use 300g)
1 large carrot chopped or grated = 150g
2 peppers finely chopped = 150g

So the speed food in the entire dish is 1100g

Sometimes I'll grate in a corgette as well.
Feb 3rd '17 10:45 AM
That's a great meal milli! And you know you've got plenty of speed food in there

Like Kay said, there are lots of veggie alternatives to pasta, rice and potatoes these days, so if you fancies them you can always use those to bump up your speed food.

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Feb 3rd '17 10:47 AM
Oh I thought it had to be separate rather than within your meal..such a obvious error 😂

That's brilliant. Loads of onion and carrot in spag bol and chilli-easy done 😍 Thank you x
Feb 3rd '17 10:55 AM
I'm really loving the BNS waffles in Sainsburys with a cooked breakfast.
Feb 3rd '17 14:36 PM
Oh no, within your meal counts!

BNS waffles? Haven't heard of those!

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Mar 10th '17 23:19 PM
fatty arbuckle
Hi sunnygal. I also miss the green and red days from about 10/12 years ago but thought this new plan seemed more like normal eating, although I was happy with my 2st 3lb loss back then. I can't seem to get my head round the 'optimising' bit now as there doesn't seemto be any, other than watching dairy, oils and fats and counting syns. I felt confused but your post and the answers have helped me to understand that I need 1/3 of veggies which I've not been doing completely. Tomorrow will be a new start
(only on week 3) so will have to think of some veggies to go with a boiled egg and a couple of Ryvitas :-)