I'm anti social!

Aug 26th '13 21:28 PM
I'd really like to join my local Slimming World. They meet in our village hall so it's not far to travel, but I'm not very good at mixing with new people so I feel uncomfortable about joining, though I wish I could.
Aug 26th '13 22:00 PM
I think I would give it a shot too (have one at the kids school) but feel a bit weird about going on my own (plus don't know if any other blokes are in the group). Much prefer to hide behind my keyboard with online support groups

Are you doing Slimming World independently at the moment?
Aug 27th '13 07:45 AM
I'm the same and just did sw at home! Do you have a friend you could go with?xx
Aug 27th '13 12:31 PM
I have done my own version of WW but I haven't tried SW at all. I have heard that it's good so I wouldn't mind giving it a go. How do you do it by yourself then?
Aug 27th '13 13:56 PM
Maybe it's worth contacting the group leader and asking them if anyone who lives close to you attends. They may be willing to arrange for an established member to go with you the first time. I understand how it feels before you go somewhere the first time, and if I have to do it I try to show up really early.
Aug 27th '13 14:03 PM
It's just not my thing to do stuff in a group. I much prefer to do it on my own. I'd rather set my own goals, take my own sweet time over everything and only have myself to answer to. I'd really like to try it at home alone, if I could.
Aug 27th '13 15:20 PM
Can you have a guest a with you ? ( even someone that doesnt want to join ? ) but at least once the first step is done you may feel less stress about going
Aug 27th '13 21:04 PM
I did it at home, I got a copy of the books and info second hand and worked through it at my own pace! There's quite a few people on here doing slimming world that can answer any questions! If you buy the magazine, it gives you a sample week's diet plan and shopping list so you have a guide to follow whilst you get your head around it all xx
Aug 27th '13 21:08 PM
There were a few men at the group I joined

I can be antisocial actually and was a bit nervous when I joined but now month later I am glad I did, SW changed so much of my eating habits for the better. I did stop going after about 5 weeks but I'm glad I joined X
Aug 29th '13 20:11 PM
I bet you wouldn't regret it if you went taking someone with you the first time is a good idea!