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Jan 17th '17, 17:28 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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Starting again

I was around briefly in August last year, followed the diet for one week and managed to lose 7 lbs. I then went off and thought I could do it on my own. Nah, didn't work, so I would like to come back if you'll have me and this time stick around for longer! Oh, I'm even heavier now than when I joined last August, unfortunately! 😥

I plan to weigh in and start tomorrow and will continue with the food diary I started before.

Looking forward to chatting to you all and giving and hopefully receiving support.

😀 XX
Jan 17th '17, 17:40 PM  
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Welcome back Aphrodite,

I think many are guilty of planning to start and failing a coupe of times to get going, well I definitely did. Keep at it and good luck!

Jan 17th '17, 17:40 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2015
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Welcome back hun! Of course we'll have you!

And I am right there with you on the negative losses (that's my version of gaining )

Best of luck getting back on plan hun, and I look forward to following you
Jan 18th '17, 06:42 AM  
SoSlim Rising Star
Join Date: Aug 2016
Location: Cyprus
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OK thanks for welcoming me back. I weighed in this morning at 3 lbs more than when I originally joined last August. I had lost 7 lbs back then so in effect I've gained 10 lbs. I am so annoyed with myself but not surprised, I've been baking a lot of cakes experimenting with diabetic sugar thinking I was being good. Didn't take into account all the butter and other stuff that goes in. So, cakes are banned! And so are the Indian meals I've been having too many of.

I've got to do this for the sake of the diabetes, a bad back and I don't think I'll survive another hot sticky summer in Cyprus carrying all this extra weight. None of my summer clothes fit me at the moment and my friend has just sent me five lovely summer dresses from her Croydon market stall which go nowhere near me!

So, great to be back, will start this morning how I mean to go on and will be completing daily food diaries to keep me on track. Good luck everyone. X
Jan 18th '17, 09:12 AM  
SoSlim Newbie
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I would not worry at all about coming back. I am a 2nd time visitor to slimming world and can say it is deffo VERY difficult to manage the plan on your own (particularly when you are like me and don't have anyone around you for support). That's why I joined Social Slimmers.

I find the advice and support is brilliant and if there is anything you are not sure of there is always someone on here who knows.

Best of luck!

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