Aug 31st '16 22:05 PM
Hi Everyone,
I rejoined slimming world on April and have lost about 12lbs in total. I find that I get to one stone and then go up and down in weight 😫 I find I do well during the day but when I get home is when the 'synning' happens. I never seem to get anywhere so am wondering if anyone can offer advice on what they do to stay on plan? Or if anyone is having the same struggles? I understand that only I can do it for me so would appreciate these types of replies kept to a minimum☺️

Thanks K x
Aug 31st '16 23:00 PM
Hi kcm90, welcome to Social Slimmers!
You've done well so far so don't be too disheartened!
I know how hard it can be with those annoying snacking cravings, I used to always get them (still do a lot of the time!) so I know it's annoying when you try so hard and don't get the results you want.
I tend to fill up on water during the day to try avoid any hungry feelings. It works especially at work lol
I always get sweet cravings, so I keep a jar of Foxs Glacier Fruits to hand. They're 1 syn each and because they're hard boiled they take ages to eat
The hifi bars are a god send for me too. And ice lollies from the supermarket, just the basic fruit ones that are like 65p a box or something like that. They work out around 2 Syns each (Max) and they're especially handy when it's warm!
I try to keep myself busy if I can, I've spent ages reading too to try take my mind off thoughts of food... I've read 65 books this year so far

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Aug 31st '16 23:27 PM
Welcome welcome! You're doing SO well so far! I understand how disheartening it can be to plateau, though, especially when you feel like you've been working really hard at it.

That's exactly the time you need to start changing things up. Personally, I've found that my body gets accustomed to things really quickly and so I have to keep switching things.

First thing I'll advise you is to try and keep as little synful food in the house as possible. This may be difficult if you don't live alone and especially so if you have a family, but try your best. You've already identified the danger area, so cordon it off. You could even put something like a swear jar in place, 20p for every unnecessary syn you have?

If you have the time, I'd really recommend freezer cooking. I did a whole batch on Sunday and have found that eating syns as part of my meals makes me more satisfied than when I save them for snacks.

I haven't got very much other specific advice, but I wish you all the best and hope I may have helped in some small way.
Sep 1st '16 09:30 AM
Thank you both so much for your replies☺️
I will definitely give the fruit sweets a go and keep the choc🍫 Out of the house🙈 No kiddies just me and OH so no excuse to buy! I batch cook and freeze when I can and am working through the last of it for lunches this week. I think I just need to look at my book again and possibly try new recipes. Just get so annoyed that during the day I am 100% and let myself down in the evenings. Today's a new day and I am as prepared as I can be for the work day at least☺️

Thanks again💖
Sep 1st '16 10:22 AM
I'll send you the recipe for (almost) syn-free jelly sweets a little bit later, I have it saved on my phone. You can make up a big batch of 30-40 and it's about 1.5 syns for the whole lot, which may help satisfy the cravings!
Sep 1st '16 10:27 AM
That would be great kaybird296. Thank you xx