Breakfast ideas

Aug 25th '16 21:37 PM
Hi been to SW for 15 weeks and lost 1stone 12 so very pleased. Struggle to find breakfast ideas that don't use my hexa and hexb - been having water melon but getting a bit fed up, any ideas please?
Aug 25th '16 23:37 PM
Berries and yogurt?
Depending on time/etc, bacon/tomato/egg
Or bacon/eggs on toast?

I only ever really have speed fruit for breakfast, but I've also been having the Arla Protein yogurts recently. They're delish! And sooo filling!

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Aug 26th '16 09:32 AM
Congratulations on your loss so far, you're doing really well!

I have the same problem and I usually use my HEXB to form part of my breakfast, which means I'm not having much of my beloved bread.

I'd definitely recommend a cooked breakfast if you'd like to free up your HEXB. Low-syn or syn-free sausages, bacon, beans, plenty of mushrooms and other speed veg, eggs, perhaps a handful of speed fruit afterward to make sure you're getting that 1/3 of a plate in. Very filling, and will set you up for the day without using your HEXB. You can even prepare everything the night before (i.e. if there's any fat to remove from meats) and have it ready to go in the morning if you're pressed for time. I've been doing that with my breakfasts recently where possible and it's worked a treat.
Aug 26th '16 17:53 PM
Thanks for the ideas so far. Maybe mixing it up a bit and having different things on different days would be good instead of the same all the time!
Aug 27th '16 15:48 PM
i am trying to mix up my breakfasts too. have been having lidl skyr fat free protein yoghurt aswell. 100g is syn free too. with fruit on top.

Also i make a frittata and have that with toms, beans. also i have the egg/veg muffins from the s/w website to have. i make these the day before too to save time.