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Aug 16th '16 18:10 PM
Hi everyone. I'm Aphrodite from Cyprus. I'm going shopping Thursday and starting the diet on Friday. I have a very old SW book and a lot of things are not available to me here in Cyprus. I may need some help with Syns etc. Hope I may be able to offer some support and look forward to chatting to some of you.
Aug 16th '16 19:05 PM
Hi Aphrodite and welcome to Social Slimmers!
Aug 17th '16 12:05 PM
Hi Aphrodite, welcome to Social Slimmers.
Best of luck on your journey and I look forward to following you
Sep 2nd '16 15:43 PM
Hi Aphrodite I am new (but returning) to SW, good luck on your journey!
Sep 3rd '16 16:57 PM
Hi guys
Sep 3rd '16 17:41 PM
Stanleys Mum
Welcome Aphrodite

Good luck on your new start. Any help you need just ask
Sep 4th '16 08:30 AM
Hi Aphrodite, welcome and lucky you living in Cyprus.
Sep 4th '16 09:10 AM
Nice to meet you Aphrodite