Aug 10th '16 08:08 AM
Im currently attempting to lose weight on slimming world, was advised by a friend to try s p days so i did for a weekand have lost a quarter of a pound, very disappointed and font know what to do
Aug 10th '16 10:27 AM
Hi kazbagz.

Sorry to hear you haven't done as well as you wanted.

If you wanted some advice on your plan, you can always post your food diaries here and we an look at them and try to advise where possible?
If you have tried the SP days for the first time it may be a good idea as not everyone gets the SP plan at first

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Aug 10th '16 13:58 PM
I didnt keep a food diary but typical day has been, baked beans on toast( 2 wholemeal 400g) mushrooms in fry light poached or scrambled eggs (2).turkey bolognese 1 syn added for stock cube with courgetti fruits protein yoghurt chicken for snack wholemeal bread ( hb)with cheese triangles (ha) toms cucumber carrot sticks and ham ,sunbites crisps and freddo bar as syns one day ive had chicken and beetroot salad l, today i had melon and protein yoghurt, bacon poached eggs on toast flat mushroom and beans, got turkey bolognese and butternut squash noodles chicken thighs to snack on carrot sticks freddo bar as syn and crisps 😣
Aug 10th '16 15:25 PM
It doesn't look too bad, but you've got to make sure that each meal is 50% each of speed and protein.
For example your breakfast (I assume that's what it is!) has plenty of protein (eggs and beans) but only 1/3 of a plate of speed (mushrooms)
What about snacking on fruit as well as the chicken? He more speed food you eat the better your losses might be.
How many Syns do you use each day? You've got up to 15 and it's always better to use as many as you can rather than avoiding them. It helps you lose weight when you use them.
Do you drink enough water? It's surprising how much of a difference it can make to your losses.
By the way, stock cubes are all free so you don't need to syn them.

It could be worth you starting a food diary thread on here and those that follow SW can help where we see any issues... Might be useful for you?
And it's always worth keeping a food diary - it's so much easier to track your food when you write it down, you can forget the smallest of things when you don't, and it can mean you go over on your Syns without realising it which can lead to small losses, or even gains.

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Aug 10th '16 15:38 PM
Thanks for advice i dont usually have 15 syns have probably between 5 and 10 I'll try and add more, but really fknt know what to use them on
Aug 10th '16 15:43 PM
Try incorporating them into your meals?
Maybe some ketchup with your beans & egg breakfast?
Or some spread on your toast.

We are always here for advice, and if you want to do a daily food diary, we can advise where we can!

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Aug 10th '16 16:13 PM
Just had two chicken thighs not large, handful of strawberries , large orange and two small donut peaches with large glass of water and a couple of raw carrots. Going to syn some 1% milk and have a cuppa using cheese as hex with my bolognaise
Aug 12th '16 16:36 PM
Hi how many syns in sainsburys low fat cottage cheese and pineapple please 300g
Aug 12th '16 17:14 PM
It's 1 syn per 100g, so 3 Syns for the whole tub

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