Slimming World Shopping / Cupboard Staples

Aug 15th '13 13:20 PM
I'm still mixing up my diets but have the mindset that 'Slimming World friendly' foods (Syn free and daily allowance stuff) are better to eat than purely calorie counting (probably more sticking to SW than anything else). Figure that I should keep a stock of "friendly" foods in the cupboard, either pre-mades or ingredients to make something. Went to the shops last night with the plan to buy a few bits for lunches etc but mind went totally blank. Been having a think about it and come up with these things for my shopping list:

Pasta n sauce / Pot shots
Golden savoury rice
plain Spaghetti
Plain Pasta

Tinned Tuna

Frozen vegetables

Muller lights

Chicken breasts
Lean mince
Gammon steaks


What other things can I get in stock? What SW supplies do you keep in the cupboard?
Sep 9th '13 13:15 PM
Lightest mayo

Nov 2nd '13 15:31 PM
Passata!! So cheap too and the basis to so many things providing you have some spices.

Spag Bol/Chilli/Arrabiatta!
Dec 10th '13 19:12 PM
Sugar free jelly, the raspberry one is yummy.

I add chicken or lean beef to my savoury rices, favourite is the beef and with either meat!


Potatoes for oven made chips
Jan 8th '14 21:49 PM
Cottage cheese!