Green tea... help!

Jul 3rd '16 21:42 PM
Hello! I love a cup of tea, but I'm trying to force myself to like green tea so I don't have to drink too much milk. I've bought this new Twinings Salted Caramel Green Tea from Sainsbury's, and it's lovely. I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any syns in it? Can't find any info online! Thanks
Jul 3rd '16 21:51 PM
Shouldn't think there is as it's only flavouring.
Jul 3rd '16 23:21 PM
No there aren't any Syns.
And that one is fab! I'm a big fan of the one with mint too.

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Jul 4th '16 06:54 AM
Ah brilliant, thank you for your help!
Jul 4th '16 13:13 PM
jada brown
you can also try beyond weight management tea,it tastes great and good for weight management as well because it is the blend of natural herbs so has no side effects which could be intimidating,