When does the hungry feeling stop

Feb 23rd '16 19:24 PM
Hi ive restarted recently and im genuinely eating plenty but i still have the want too eat more feeling i could got crazy on some peanut butter right now

Today green
Breakfast was 1 shape 0% plus blueberries and raspberries one whitworth shot 4.5 syns 600ml of orange and mint water

Half hour swim 700ml high five water

Lunch was jacket spud two baby bel hea a sandwich thin heb 1 beans and salad 1 tsp mayo 2 syns light clover 2 syns
Roasted veggies and bulgar wheat quorn turkey slices 3 boiled eggs heb 2 ww pitta clover 2 syns salad
1 glass of lemonade
1 special k bar 4 syns plus apple total 14.5 syns rest of evening will be water as i take medication at night
Any advice
Feb 23rd '16 20:00 PM
I can't see any errors in your food to be honest.
The only thing I could suggest I think is to drink more water through the day. It sounds daft but when I drink more I'm less hungry.
Unless there was more protein you could put into your meals?
I also have tons of fruit in between meals... I'm surprised I don't look like a bowl of fruit