Back too try again

Feb 7th '16 19:09 PM
Hello all ive been poorly recently and lost 5lbs because of it but my appetite is back and I'm starting too eat the naughty bits again. I'm such a silly person so I want too start again tomorrow before I ruin it.
I'm going too be doing green hello again
Feb 7th '16 19:32 PM
Hello lovely!! Glad to see you back
Sorry you've been poorly recently, but I'm pleased you're feeling fetter xx
Feb 7th '16 21:32 PM
Hi Sarah thank you for reply.
I need too get back into swing of things again my books are pretty old now 2014 - 2015 ones so I imagine its changed alot. How did you make it work for you? Do you have an ideal slimming world day you can share with me?
Feb 7th '16 21:50 PM
Have a nosy through my diary, there's plenty of good days in there although some not so good ones too
It has changed a bit from 14-15, there's no red or green days anymore, it's just all EE. Some Syns will have changed but mostly the same or very similar