Days off

Feb 20th '16 21:52 PM
Omg I've worked out the Syns for today and while I haven't exactly gone awol they've certainly mounted up ..I've used 46.5🙀🙀🙀🙀
Feb 20th '16 22:44 PM
Which leaves me with 58.5 Syns for the week 🙀🙀😂😂
Feb 21st '16 18:22 PM
I think I'll be sticking to plan, lol 😱😱😆😂
Feb 21st '16 18:37 PM
It's surprising how quickly they mount up when you go back to previous eating habits. I've discovered that plenty of times! Lol

If you want to ry the flexi syn option. Pick a limit of Syns for the day and stick to that. Just check everything before you eat it and once you hit your max limit, go back to syn free stuff
Feb 23rd '16 01:53 AM
Though I've been doing well on Slimming World and actually enjoying the food I'm eating, I was only going to the toilet once a week at the most. I was eating loads of fruit and veg, having All-bran every morning, drinking 3 litres of water every day, but no change.

I started doing some research and, like you, found that this was most likely due to the lack of fat in my diet. I didn't want to go off plan so instead I have a teaspoon of cold pressed organic virgin coconut oil (2 syns) every day. It's not as bad as it sounds, honest. It does start off with a lard like consistency but it melts within a second or 2 in your mouth and has a pleasant coconut taste. I also use it for cooking instead of the spray oils, it works great in the actifry, my sweet potato and butternut squash chips were lush.

Coconut oil contains good fats that are actually supposed to help with weight loss, especially losing the fat around your organs. It's also really good for digestion and, since starting it just over a week ago, I've been going to the toilet every second day, so a massive improvement. A BIG relief, let me tell you.

I've also started using the coconut oil as a body moisturiser and hair conditioning treatment, it works fantastically well.
Feb 23rd '16 05:33 AM
Ooh thanks thistle!! I've got some coconut oil so I'll try some of the things you suggest 😀