Gluten free and lactose free slimming world

Jan 10th '16 10:09 AM

I am considering joining slimming world online however i am gluten sensitive and lactose intolerant. Does anyone have any advice? does the syn calculator have a good amount of free from on its list. i am worried i might find it hard as i will not be able to have any of the free yogurts or hex b cereal bars?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks

Jan 10th '16 11:58 AM
Hi! I've had a quick look on the website and have found that it has a gluten free and dairy free menu that you can try on it as well as some useful advice. I've attached what they class as HexBs for those who are sensitive to gluten. Hope this helps.

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Jan 10th '16 12:51 PM
SW allow for many dietary requirements and there will be options available, like Spoony states above.
If you still want confirmation, I would go to a local group and ask to speak to the consultant and they can give you tips on what you can have.
I know there are non-dairy items on the healthy extra a choice list, and there are some free from items under the fibre category too.

Good luck!!
Jan 10th '16 13:20 PM
thank you soo much I will be getting my pen and paper out and will be making a list.