New Here

Nov 12th '15 20:49 PM
I've recently signed up here and am about to start sw next week. I'm not new to dieting or sw. I've been a proper yo-yo dieter throughout the years. I put on a lot of weight with my second baby and have lost a stone and a half with ww since he was born six months ago. I got tired of ww, mainly because I was still binging after my weigh in and not eating any better or feeling any better for my weight loss. My aim with sw is to eat healthier and make permanent lifestyle changes rather than diet.

When I last did sw it was ee, red and green days. I've since seen people mention sp? Can I still do ee? Has much else changed? I'm going to do a big shop tomorrow and some batch cooking over the weekend ready for my meeting on Monday.

I'm feeling really positive about this and look forward to chatting with you all!
Nov 12th '15 21:17 PM
Hi when I joined up this July it was EE that was really sold to me, it's basically all the foods that are free on red and green but you only get one of each healthy extra. SP is a focus on all food that have an S for Speed next to them and P for protein next to them in your book, when you're doing SP you get one healthy extra a but 2 healthy extra b choices. You can still do red and green if you prefer but they won't that'll about them much in meetings as most people either do EE or SP. Some people do SP all the time but others use it just to speed up their weight loss or as sort of a buffer if they've had a few syn heavy days. Well done on the weightloss so far
Nov 12th '15 21:37 PM
Thanks Ernie, SP sounds a bit like the old success express they used to do.

I still have a lot of weight to lose yet. I was 13st odd after I had my son, I dread to think how heavy I actually was when I was pregnant! I'm only 5'1"as well. I have about a stone to lose to get back into my pre pregnancy clothes and then I'll decide where to take it from there I think.
Nov 12th '15 21:50 PM
Success express was something I only heard of haha! I have done SW in the past but my heart wasn't really in it, this time it is though. It's definitely doable - I was 14st8 in July and now I'm 1stone 6.5lbs lighter and in another 2lbs or so I'll be in another stone bracket. You'll feel amazing when you fit into those pre pregnancy clothes are you going to a class or doing it from home? Lots of people on here have food diaries as well so have a little snoop around, everyone's very friendly
Nov 12th '15 21:59 PM
Joining a class on Monday, can't wait to get started!
Nov 13th '15 12:32 PM
Welcome ArcTec!

Yes SP is similar to success express, you basically fill your plate with as much Speed and Protein foods as you can, and avoid the pasta, rice, potatoes and any other free foods. You also can't have things like mullerlights that are syn free.
You still get your normal syn allowance, and you can have synned yogurts, just nothing 'free'

I really like SP, it makes meal planning more exciting for me, trying to find alternatives for pasta, rice, etc.
Nov 13th '15 15:50 PM
Hello fellow yo-yo dieter

btw what is SP? I thought Slimming World only did EE now?
Nov 13th '15 17:22 PM
SW do focus on EE, and no longer promote Red/Original and Green days.

EESP is a part of the plan that focuses on the low energy density foods, which in your books are Speed and Protein. They advise that you avoid any foods that do not have these symbols next to them, but you get an extra hex b choice, and your normal daily syn allowance.
It isn't introduced to new members particularly because SW don't want the new members to focus on that, they want them to get used to the normal EE plan, and then the SP can be followed at a later date.

Introducing both at first is very confusing!
Nov 13th '15 18:34 PM
Hi ArcTec and welcome to Social Slimmers! Good luck for your first class on Monday!
Nov 13th '15 19:19 PM
Thanks Sarah, I'm glad they just talk about EE and not SP to begin with. I prefer EE, but used to like green days too for the extra healthy extras if I hadn't had meat that day.