Eating Out

Nov 2nd '15 20:29 PM
Hi can anyone recommend good restaurant chains to eat out at, I mean places where i can substitute a jacket potatoe for chips etc, or that have great menu choices for us slimmers, which are your favourites?
Nov 3rd '15 10:07 AM
I love Harvester, because not only do you get unlimited salad but they have baked potatoes and basmati rice as sides too. They have the calories on the menu which is helpful.
Nov 4th '15 21:30 PM
Most pubs or general restaurants will allow you to make changes to your plate, swapping chips for a jacket, etc.
I went to Fankie & Benny's last week and had the maple glazed gammon with 2 pineapple rings, a jacket and a side of green veggies. It would have been 4.5 Syns in total, but I used butter on the jacket because it was a bit dry, but still 10.5 Syns wasn't bad at all! And it was lovely!!

Like Ali said, Harvesters have the free salad bar, which is always a fantastic idea!
Nov 5th '15 16:53 PM
Hi there, thanks for your recommendations, being able to eat out whilst dieting is a novelty to me, so I am looking forward to giving some of your suggestions a try. thanks again