Newbie with a couple of questions!

Oct 13th '15 23:28 PM
I am on day two of doing SW at home feeling very positive already and have discovered the wonders of Bovril!

Couple of questions...

If I use soy sauce to flavour my foods, and have have fry lighted bacon, and use salts to season and have tinned soups etc... will I not retain water and bloat / gain weight? I a bit worried about all the salt making me bloat out

How much fry light is too much ? Is there a limit? I find everry thing is burning to the pan whereas it wouldn't with normal oil or butter. Plus my other half doesn't believe I should use it that much when cooking ..He thinks what's the point in using lots of fry light when it might be the same as using loads of oil... is he right? How is it free food? I am using it as much as it will take to not have my food burn!

And question three. I am due to go to a friends dinner on Saturday. She's aware I'm on slimming world, but there will be wine and no slimming world food other than rice. Should I just be flexible? I'm gutted it's happening on my first week and two days before I weigh in... Shall I just try to keep syns down until then?

Thank you!!! Xxxx
Oct 14th '15 10:31 AM
With regards to FryLight, it's best to keep the heat lower when using it. I'll be honest, I tend to use about 8 sprays. If you prefer, you could syn ˝tsp of oil for 1 syn, which is probably more natural and therefore better for you.
Cutting out the salt is a matter of taste and depends what you're used to. I make my own soups and sauces and use no salt but just half a stock cube.
And lastly, yes, keep the syns low until Saturday and you might be OK. If you count them over a week instead of daily, you could probably manage a non SW meal. But try not to do it too often. Hope you have fun!
Oct 14th '15 19:41 PM
I agree with Ali, on all counts

Knowing you have plans at the weekend (or whenever I'm your week) I usually keep my Syns low for the rest of the week to allow that flexibility of alcohol/food/or both!
And the salt is purely based on your personal taste... I assume you won't be going through an entire bottle of soy sauce and pouring an entire salt shaker into your meals, so it shouldn't be that bad lol
Oct 15th '15 15:44 PM
In regard to the salt, I wouldn't worry too much, you will eat a variety of things with slimming world and drink water

With're using less oil than you would with other oil that you pour in or measure with tablespoon. Before sw I rarely used oil and now I use frylighy a lot and still lose weight. If I'm doing chips I can use maybe 20 sprays...but that's only 20cals . I believe it's a free food because generally you just use a couple of sprays, a couple of calories which negligible when working out syns

When I have a night out, our leader recommends to eat free foods all day, and healthy extras, but no syns and then you can enjoy your night out and start again next day
Oct 19th '15 18:44 PM
Hey, I bought one of those ceramic frying pans from Asia which you don't need to use oil! Even for an egg.

I do still use one or two sprays of frylight as it just seems naked without it, but no burning or nothing sticking to the pan.

Very impressed!

Before that thought, I didn't notice there was three types of frylight, sunflower for frying, olive oil for roasting and butter for baking.

If I used the olive oil spray in the frying pan it went all wrong. And it wasn't very clear on the packaging.

Hope some of this maybe helps!
Oct 20th '15 14:08 PM
Ha! James, I've been using Frylight for years and I never had a clue there were different types for different cooking methods!!!
I thought they were just preferences hahahaha!
Oct 20th '15 17:51 PM
Me too Sarah! I didn't get on with the ceramic frying pans - I had two and returned them both after 8 months and got my money back!
Oct 20th '15 20:07 PM
I honestly cannot fault the ceramic frying pan so far.

Hopefully it continues to treat me well!

Yeah, I didn't notice until I seen all three fry lights together in the shop. I suddenly noticed all three have a different cooking method highlighted. I was flabbergasted lol