Healthy Extra Breads

Sep 6th '15 00:12 AM
Can anyone recommend some nice healthy extra bread ? I always stick to the same one (Warburtons wholemeal 400g loaf), and I'm getting a bit bored of it. I'm Vegetarian (working on being Vegan). I like a lot of the seeded/nut breads but I don't think they are included as a healthy extra ?
Sep 6th '15 11:19 AM
Sorry to steal your thread, but I'm really pleased I saw this. I wondered whether there were any old school SW'ers who could tell me whether white bread used to be a HEX?

I don't really eat bread, but occasionally I fancy a slice with my big SW breakfast and we've only ever got white in.

Sorry Naomi!!
Sep 8th '15 22:47 PM
No probs Lyndsey
Sep 9th '15 04:26 AM
My consultant had Kingsmill Wholemeal sandwich Thins in the raffle basket this week. I've got some coming in my shop to try them. She said there was some interesting thing to do with them online like using them as pockets.

Lindsey keep a loaf of wholemeal in the freezer just for you and just a slice out when you want it.
Sep 13th '15 13:59 PM
It's best to double check with your consultant but Kingsmill great white u can have two.medium slices as a hextra if u don't mind adding two syns or u can cut thw top.crust off so it weighs 60g. It's not officially a hextra but there was something circulating around from slimming world themselves stating it can be used they just don't have it under the list as it's only officially one if u cut it and weigh it or add the extra syns. I would advise u to.clarify with your consultant though because I'd not want to.give wrong info out iyswim. I personally use it and cut it I can't stand wholemeal bread so it's the only way I can have it and it's never hindered me
Sep 17th '15 17:27 PM
I love the Kingsmill Great White - I think they would make a killing if they made it in the 400g loaf... although I do struggle to find it in the shops.
Sep 17th '15 18:38 PM
Yeah I can only find it or occasionally coop so I always buy a loaf to freeze