New Slimming World Inceland Meals

Sep 4th '15 11:47 AM
Just found this on the website...

New SW Iceland Meals being released on 7th October

Chicken Saag
Beef & three-bean chilli con carne
Cottage Pie
Beef Channa Saag
Bolognese Ragu
Three-bean & Roasted Veg Chilli
Chicken & Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta

Pea & Mint
Tomato & Basil
Spicy Lentil
Carrot & Coriander

Chunky Tomato
Spicy Tikka Masala
Sep 4th '15 18:52 PM
As a vegetarian, I'm not too impressed that only one of the seven meals is meat free. It's bad enough that the Green plan was ditched but this, in my view, shows how little regard SW has for those of us who don't eat meat or fish.
Sep 4th '15 18:59 PM
I'm not veggie, but I do agree that they don't seem to do many vegetarian meals. Why not complain to SW? If you can get enough people to lodge a complaint, then surely they'll do something about it...

I could never get my head around red or green. But, I like being able to have both pasta/rice etc. with meats.
Sep 4th '15 22:15 PM
Ooo that does sound unfair .. They still have the green plan online for vegetarians i think? I still follow the odd green day now and then using the app on my phone.

Totally off subject but in new here .. How did you get your weight loss ticker at the end of your replies? Thanks in advance
Sep 4th '15 22:26 PM
Go to the website that is just above the picture, and you can set up your own ticker. Then you just need to copy the BB Code, and paste it into your signature which you find in User CP (it's part way down on the left side of the User CP screen)
You have to have 10 posts before you can create a signature though, so get posting hehe
Sep 4th '15 22:28 PM
Haha thanks guess I'll be boring you for a while then with 9 posts to go lol thank you much appreciated 😊
Sep 4th '15 22:39 PM
Hiya sorry to raid your post .. I'm a master of green days so I'll gladly hep in return for this .. But how do I post? I've managed to introduce myself by clicking on the link but I'm finding it all a little confusing- my post doesn't seem to be showing up and I've no idea how to post generally please help 😕
Sep 5th '15 10:27 AM
Do you mean how do you create a new thread?
If you look towards the top of the list of threads in one of the forum screens (Say you're in the Slimming World section) and there is a button that says 'New Thread' Click that and you can start your own thread
Sep 5th '15 10:29 AM
I have just annoyingly noticed that I spelled Iceland wrong.... well that's irritating
Sep 6th '15 15:54 PM
I must admit I haven't purchased any of the SW food, I'm not sure if I'm just a cheap skate but it seems really expensive? I was tempted by the meatballs but when I went to get them my purse tightened and I got some 5% mince instead... Haha... I think it's because the 1 WW meals were right next to them, I didn't get those either though. Hopefully after the novelty has wore off they'll come down in price?

I'm probably alone in my cheapness