Got my 5st award today!

Jul 18th '13 16:09 PM
Today i got my 5st award!! 5st 1.5lb lost in 6month & 1 day!

To say im over the moon is an under statement. Im sooo pleased. It hasnt been easy, and ive lost my way a few times but ive done it

Huge thank you to Wobbles who has been a massive support while going through her own weight loss journey also. And for also setting up the FB page when she did. If it wasnt for that id be 5st heavier and still in a bad place.

Now, things are so different. My bipolar is becoming managable. Im sleeping less, im happier, and more confident. I can feel a change in my body, i feel slimmer. Im not dripping in sweat in this heat like i would be when i was 22st.
Im making plans for my career and doing courses, and making new friends. Life is good again

Jul 18th '13 16:12 PM
Yaaaaaayyyyyyy made up for you hun! Well done!
Jul 18th '13 17:06 PM
Woohoo! This post made me smile well done you, you've done amazing x
Jul 18th '13 17:31 PM
Wow, that's amazing! Well done you!
Jul 18th '13 21:11 PM
Well done Hun, such an amazing loss!! Really proud of you for sticking at it
Jul 19th '13 10:43 AM
aw im so so pleased for you hun!
Jul 19th '13 20:55 PM
Thank you! Still beaming, very chuffed with myself!!
Oct 15th '13 15:46 PM
welldone hun xx
May 16th '14 03:41 AM
Well done! What an amazing achievement! Many congratulations x x