Gained 1lb in first week!

Aug 15th '15 08:35 AM
hi everyone. i joined SW online last saturday and had my first weigh in today and ive gained 1lb.. im not surprised by this at all as ive felt so bloated all week and could just tell i hadn't lost. my stomach is sore and tbh i feel quite ill really :-( any idea what this could be? i weighed 10st2 last sat and im 10st3 today.. my ideal weight is 9st so havent got loads to lose. i just feel like all the extra carbs arent agreeing with me and im so scared to go another week and put on even more :'( could it be a myth that u can eat as many potatoes, pasta, rice etc as u like? ive been having white pasta and rice.. is that still ok or should i switch to brown? ive also been having marie piper potatoes.. is that okay? as far as i know ive followed the diet 100%, saved up some syns for this wkend so i can enjoy some alcohol but ive used all my healthy options all week. i have put my food diary below for the last 3 days.. what could be making me feel so sick??

wednesday -
breakfast - grapes, strawberries, fat free yoghurt
lunch - jacket potato, baked beans, cheese (HO), lettuce
dinner - SW diet coke chicken with sugar snap pees and boil in a bag white rice
snack - lean bacon on 1 wholemeal roll (HO)

breakfast - scrambled eggs, baked beans, 1 wholemeal roll (HO)
lunch - tuna and sweetcorn pasta
dinner - SW lasagne with HO cheese and broccoli, carrots and cauliflower
snack - 1/2 pack ainsley harriett's cous cous (1 syns)

breakfast - grapes, strawberries, fat free yoghurt
lunch - tuna, 1 pack ainsley harriett's cous cous (1.5 syns), lettuce
dinner - omlette with lean bacon, cheese (HO) and plum tomatoes
snacks - 2 alpen light bars (HO), marie pipers cut into chips with chopped lean bacon on top, 1 bitesize flap jack (4 syns)

i have also been the gym 4 times this week and been swimming once!

i would appreciate your support as i cant get to a class due to suffering from severe anxiety.

leanne xx
Aug 15th '15 08:42 AM
Hi leanne xx did you normally eat carbs before you started SW x If you didn't than your body may be rejecting them xx also looking at your menu it all looks great apart from your syns but you did say you were saving these for this weekend xxx If the bloated tummy continues try to cut down on the carbs as the diet will still work if you do xx
Aug 15th '15 08:50 AM
i think you're right about my body rejecting them.. ive always tried to steer clear of carbs as much as i can and only had them a few times a week.. do u think i should just start having more veg instead of potatos, pasta, rice? i really do feel like ive got a food baby today and its getting me down :-( ill defo be needing this wine tonight!! xx
Aug 15th '15 08:58 AM
I would definitely give it a try and see how this next week goes xx also if you do I would switch to brown see if that helps xx how much water are you drinking z
Aug 15th '15 09:00 AM
yeah ill try that! i havent been drinking loads tbh simply because i forget :-/ could that be it? how much should i be drinking a day? xx
Aug 15th '15 09:21 AM
I'm not saying it is lack of water but it will help anyway xx im a bugger for not drinking enough myself lol x
Aug 15th '15 09:52 AM
Hi Leanne, looking at your menu it seems like you might not be eating enough. I know it sounds strange but if you snack on speed food (like apples, pears etc) it will increase your metabolism. Also make sure that with at least your main meal your having a third of your plate as speed food as Wednesday's meal didn't seem to have a lot of speed food there.

As I've journeyed through my diet, I've decreased my intake of carbs and increased my veg intake. If you feel like you wanted chips on the odd occasion, how about making them from butternut squash as this is a speed food and they taste yummy!

Also it seems that you haven't had many syns on most of your days, I know you're saving them up but try to have at least five everyday. Saving up a lot of syns for the weekend won't help; for example, saving 45 syns for the weekend equates to an extra 900 calories in one go! I'd suggest trying flexi synning where you decided that you're not going above a certain amount of syns so you don't feel restricted on other days.

Hope this helps
Aug 15th '15 11:27 AM
I agree with Spoony. Your meals don't seem to have the third of speed foods that they should.

For next week, try to increase how much veg and fruit you have. If you have a jacket potato and beans, have a proper salad with it, not just lettuce.
And make sure you measure your pasta/rice/potatoes. Don't let them over take your plate. They type of potato doesn't make a difference, but I know quite a few people who have changed from white pasta and rice to wholemeal as they prefer it, so maybe that's an option.

Like Spoony said, pick your snacks from the speed column. This is what helps increase your weight losses.

Try to drink 2 litres of water each day.

Also, if you didn't do any (or much) exercise before starting SW, then you will find that you won't lose as much as you want to. When you start to exercise more than previously, your muscles start to tear and they retain some water to help repair them. Because this happens, you don't lose the pounds, but you will lose inches. Take your measurements this weekend, and check them each week once you get weighed. If you don't see the result on the scales, you should see something in your measurements.

Maybe start a food diary on here and we can try point things out as you go along. There's plenty of us on here that follow SW, and some of us have been there for years and have seen the issues that some people can have. I've seen plenty of people unhappy with results (I've been attending a group for over 5 years) and we've usually found the issue once we chat about it.

Don't let it get to you for this week. In the past, I've done a mental stomp of the foot, stood up straight and told the scales that they will show me a loss next week. It sounds really odd, but it has helped me refocus and plan my week properly.
Get panning, increase your speed foods, reduced your pasta/rice/potatoes, and use more Suns each day. Doesn't have to be much, but make sure you use some of them everyday.

Good luck!! xx
Aug 17th '15 19:33 PM
I think youve been given great advice. On my 2nd week on plan i tried so hard and thought Id def lose but i gained half a pound, I was raging. Turned out I hadn't eaten enough...
Aug 24th '15 21:28 PM
I also have to agree, I maybe a good idea if you try to have more speed food. maybe have some snacks (apples, strawberry's etc) x