Konjac Noodles

Jul 27th '15 21:47 PM
Just watching a show on Channel 4 about how Konjac noodles are made. Ive seen some brands in Holland and Barratt, they are about 8 calories a serving or something ridiculous like that, but quite expensive.

Can't find them on the Syn search tool. I imagine they would be free on extra easy.

Just wondered if anyone had tried them and wondered if they could possibly be eaten on EESP if they are mostly water... probably not but I can hope!
Jul 28th '15 01:52 AM
Was it Food Unwrapped you were watching

I believe they are Syn free

I think they're a bit like Shirataki noodles.
Jul 28th '15 16:52 PM
I watched that too. There seems to be no carbs in them, which is where the calories are and the flour is made of the fibre and water, so I don' see any reason why you couldn't have them on an SP day. I ahve heard people say they have a weird fishy smell/taste to them, but I have never had them so would be interested to know your opinion!
Jul 28th '15 17:07 PM
My instinct tells me that because they are noodles, you can't have them on EESP, but the key thing for EESP is to eat low energy density foods (low in calories), so the only thing I can suggest is if you buy them, try them on EESP, but if you notice your losses aren't going the way theu should, or as much as they should be whilst following EESP, then stop eating them.

Does that make sense?
Jul 28th '15 20:20 PM
Well they are currently half price at Holland and Barratt so theres no harm trying them!

Gained a pound this week after my 3 and a half pound loss last week, I suspect its just water weight (especially as i was so good!) but I feel like trying harder now to make sure I lose next week so might pick up a few packs to replace my usual egg noodles with a stir fry.
Jul 29th '15 22:14 PM
I bought some today and tried them with a stir fry. The packet says 1-2 servings. I had half a pack but could easily have eaten all of it.
They don't really taste of anything at all. Slightly more bite than regular egg noodles. I will probably buy a few more packs while they are on offer and eat them instead of regular noodles when i'm struggling to lose anything.
I bought a pack of the rice too but not tried that yet!
Jul 29th '15 22:46 PM
Someone once said to me that they had a weird fishy taste and smell to them and that's always put me off, but them tasting of not vey much at all seems much better haha
Jul 29th '15 23:00 PM
There is a very slight smell that goes when you rinse them, not strong enough to put you off