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Jul 22nd '15, 11:55 AM  
SoSlim Newbie
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Go to class or not?

Hi everyone,

I joined slimming world last week with the free magazine offer to get the new books. I have 10lbs to lose to be at my target weight.

I am just wondering if I should go to a class tonight or just go to a boots store and get on their scales?

I didn't like the class the way they went round everybody and said what they had lost or gained and then clapped. I felt very embarrassed even though I only have 10lbs to lose. That is the first class I have ever been to as have always been very active but just noticed the pounds creeping on that I am stuck in the house in the evenings when my 1 year old and 5 year old are in bed and husband is away working.

Advice please?
Jul 22nd '15, 12:30 PM  
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Some people just don't like the classes. A lot don't like the going round and clapping thing, but it's how SW teach the consultants to run the classes, so there's not really much difference in

I personally enjoy them, we all treat it as a social gathering, and we all get on really well. Plus there's always that boost when someone loses a certain amount or gets to target where the rest of the group are really pleased for them and clap and cheer lol

I think I've just landed in with a really great group of ladies and gents and we really get on, but I know of a few people who don't like staying to a class.

Do you think you just weren't comfortable because you didn't know anyone?
Part of me wants to advise that you give it another go tonight, but if you weren't comfortable, then just do it yourself.
The only thing I'll say is that the scales will differ if you go somewhere else, or use your own at home. Unless you weighed at home before you went to the group, in which case, use your scales at home. You're better sticking with the same scales so that you get a more accurate reading x
Jul 22nd '15, 13:18 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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I don't like the classes Cazzabazza but like Sarah said, I would give it another go. If you don't like it tonight then at least you've tried it.
I didn't find it helpful at all, I got more support and ideas from websites like this one.
Jul 22nd '15, 17:25 PM  
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I learned to like the classes. I'm starting to talk to a few more people now as I went to group on my own. I enjoy sharing my experiences with others and the celebration of losing weight. People are genuinely happy when you lose the weight and I think, like some people, I like praise. Also, I know if I didn't stop for group and I had put on then I wouldn't feel as bothered, but I feel it's a kick up the backside when I have put on as I have to accept it being said out loud and have the support of others.
Jul 22nd '15, 22:45 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
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Well I did go to class and I lost 3lbs but I didnt stay. Will go next week again and see what I think. Thanks everyone
Jul 22nd '15, 22:53 PM  
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I've been warmly welcomed to my class, week 2 saw me instantly welcomed by other members and asked to sit with them, the going round is a bit odd but it's there for support and encouragement. I did feel I would need support and encouragement so that's why I joined.

Glad you tried the class again, Well done on your loss that is great going.
Jul 23rd '15, 01:17 AM  
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3lbs is fantastic. Well done!

I'm another pro class person. I find it keeps me motivated and I'm really shy irl so this is a good way for me to mix with more people.
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