Been struggling a bit.

Jul 19th '15 16:24 PM
So have been struggling. I feel I cant commit to groups maybe because I am a single mum. I got my weight down to 11 stone 7 from 12 stone 6 and then because of stress I gained it all back.

I am now settled and happy and ready to try again. The problem is I cant just stop at one thing. I eat and eat and feel miserable afterwards.
Jul 20th '15 11:23 AM
I know that feeling hun! Have a good nosy round on the site for people's tips and tricks to keeping those cravings away, there's plenty of recipes to try too.

Is it sweet things that you crave, or just anything?

Fingers crossed you get back on track soon, I know how frustrating it can be in that situation, I was right where you are a few weeks ago!
Jul 20th '15 18:48 PM
Its anything. I am however being sensible and not stocking things in the house.
Jul 21st '15 10:01 AM
Do you find you eat because you are bored? I tend to eat more when I'm sat at home alone and doing nothing. Have you tried finding a hobby, or going to the gym or something? Something to keep you occupied that may stop you eating?

I like that you're already thinking ahead and not buying the 'bad' things so you don't have them in the house. That's a good step, and just shows that you have the determination to do it
Jul 22nd '15 08:52 AM
Always drink a glass of water before you resort to food as sometimes we're thirsty, not hungry. How about going for a walk with your daughter when the urge to snack strikes? I know how it feels to binge and then beat yourself up over it. Thats why this forum is great support. Talk about it and someone will help 😊
Jul 22nd '15 13:30 PM
Hi Darkriver I find that planning my meals for the week ahead really helps me. That and having loads of low SYN or free snacks to eat when I do get bored. If I have carrots already chopped or fruit or jelly etc, it makes it easier to grab them that chocolate, cake or crisps etc. Hope you find a way that works for you.