Jul 16th '15 16:57 PM
Hi, I was wondering if anyone can tell me when the August magazine comes out... or have I missed it already. I keep having a look in my local supermarkets but they are all still selling the July one.
Jul 16th '15 16:58 PM
I'm not sure, but I'll check my mag when I get home. They used to print a date for the next issue I think
Jul 16th '15 17:36 PM
I have a copy of the August/September edition. I got it in the post on Monday. I doubt the shops have sold out already. They may not have got them yet. I think mail subscriptions get them a little early
Jul 16th '15 18:20 PM

This is the cover for the Aug/Sept issue. I didn't realise which issue it was. Bought mine 2 weeks ago in group.

Maybe the shops haven't had it yet?

Jul 16th '15 21:42 PM
Ah maybe it's just not in the shpps yet. Thanks Sarah now I know what to look for. Maybe I should organise a subscription like you Mitch. It would save me mucking about every time I go into a shop
Jul 16th '15 22:45 PM
Do you go to the meetings Jacquie as its cheaper to get them there!
Jul 16th '15 23:00 PM
No I don't Jaytee. I did go a while back but I didn't enjoy it so I am going it alone.
Jul 17th '15 18:24 PM
This should have been on sale in the shops yesterday
Jul 19th '15 23:09 PM
Got it
I think my local supermarket will be relieved that I'm not stalking their magazine section anymore
Jul 20th '15 09:32 AM
I bought this issue yesterday in my local Sainsburys! Hope you can get a copy soon!