SW and constipation

Feb 13th '15 11:54 AM
Hi everybody please, please help me with some good advice. I am desolate. I'm 50 years old and up until now never managed to stick to a slimming diet for long. I now feel ready at last and began slimming world which I loved. Four weeks ago I've began their eating plan and for the first 2 weeks I've lost 6ib. Then, suddenly, without any obvious reason my weigh remained the same and I started to feel very constipated. Last week I have tried so hard to eat according to plan, exercise, drink fluid but to no avail. The doctor gave me laxatives which only relieved me very little and when I weighed in yesterday. I've actually put on 2ib. What a disappointed. Doctor says it's my change of diet which I'm reacting to and gave me more laxatives which don't help much.
What a shame! I felt excited about slimming world and began to really believe I would lose those spare 2st. Now I don't know what to do. I want to stick to slimming world eating but I also need a relief from constipation.
Thank you for reading this
Feb 13th '15 13:31 PM
Hi Gali, welcome to the board. The body is a funny thing in that it adapts to the life you live. Little things like diet changes and activity levels can have some strange effects both positive and negative. I am no expert but have been dealing with my own digestive problems for a couple of years.
I would suggest trying a digestive enzyme with your food. This will help your system break down and process your new diet. Something like Acidophilus is a pretty generic one, widely available. It may take a while but your system should adapt. Also bulking out some slimming world foods with high fiber bran powder should help and have little effect on nutrition or taste.
The other thing is to make sure you stay hydrated, drink plenty of water throughout the day. My mum swears by an occasional glass of warm water to help move things along. Caffeine tends to have weird effects on peoples guts that is often masked by other foods maybe go decaf for a while or cut back.
Was going to recommend the insides scrapped from small tip of an aloe vera leaf in a bit of juice as the gel is soothing for the digestion and the yellow latex under the skin is a very high potency laxative but it seems there is some evidence can cause kidney problems in wrong dosage. I would look into it more before considering.
Good luck with your dieting and health. Hope someone here can help you a bit more.
Feb 13th '15 18:27 PM
Thank you very. I will consider all these good suggestions.I am eager to continue with sw and will see if my body is happy with it too
Feb 14th '15 09:30 AM
Hi I think Steve speaks a lot of sense.
I would completely avoid laxatives - all they do is make the guts lazy.
You are probably constipated because you are eating a much bulkier, low fat diet which does tend to slow the bowels up.
You really do need to drink a lot of water with high fibre diets.
Feb 15th '15 20:49 PM
I've decided to carry on with slimming world eating plan and just hope the constipation settle down or I find a way to counteract it. Will try what you've suggested.
Jun 1st '15 21:13 PM
This was a problem for me too for the first couple of weeks on plan. Glad to be able to say it settled down and everything fine now.
Jun 2nd '15 09:10 AM
I have had this problem at the beginning of any new diet that I started. It's like it is the body just getting used to it and adjusting to the change.
Hope it improves soon

Jun 10th '15 10:30 AM
I went to the Docs with this problem and he prescribed Magnesium Hydroxide, and it worked for me. You can buy it over the counter for around 5 but it is not on display. Hope this helps xx
Jun 10th '15 11:01 AM
Is this the same as Milk of Magnesia?
Jun 10th '15 11:58 AM
Not sure but that is what I ask for and it says that on the label, not Milk of Magnesia