Quick 'in a hurry' rice dish

Aug 6th '17 18:03 PM
One of the 'go to' things I keep in, in case we are stuck for a meal in a hurry

ALDI Everyday Essential golden rice with vegetables (about the only one still syn free)

Linda Mc Cartney Red onion and rosemary sausages (syn free)

Slimming World curry sauce (syn free)

Bit of chopped chicken fillet

Cook as instructions, mix all together and dollop up on the plates.

I do half a packet of rice, and 2 sausages per person, but its up to you
Aug 6th '17 18:16 PM
That sounds great

Aug 13th '17 13:06 PM
Sounds really tasty! I don't like the veggie sausages, however I'd just change those to my Tesco HL ones

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Jan 30th '18 15:57 PM
Whats Tesco HL sausages?
Jan 30th '18 17:11 PM
Tesco Healthy Living Sausages