Syn free red onion marmalade/chutney

Apr 4th '16 17:40 PM
Syn Free Onion Chutney/Marmalade

Hi Everyone,

I love pickles esp branston and picalili however I have an issue that they are synned I decided to make my own onion chutney, here is my recipe:

1kg onions (ı used red onions)
200ml of balsamic vinegar
300ml of apple/cider vinegar
couple of cloves garlic
salt and pepper
5 dessertspoons granulated sweetener

I sliced the onions up small and reasonably thin, added the vinegars and sweetener and then simmered for approx one hour until the vinegar had evaporated and formed a thick sticky sauce. I then transferred into steralized jars and sealed.

In my opinion (although I am biased) its a great chutney and would liven up a chicken breast or a salad
Apr 5th '16 16:32 PM
oooh, this sounds interesting!! Might have to give this a go at some point
Apr 27th '16 14:24 PM
Do you think honey would work instead? Sounds amazing .. x
Apr 27th '16 14:52 PM
never tried it with honey. not too keen it myself.