Syn free Pizza (using HE's)

Sep 12th '15 11:01 AM
Hi,some of you might already know about using Asda wholemeal bread mix to make pizza bases, I thought I would add it here for those who don't. I found this while googling for SW receipes, it was mentoined in early posts on minimins.

asda wholemeal bread mix is a HE (I checked on the SW website), 75g will use 2 HE's (I had mine on an SP day). Make up as packet instructions using around 60ml of warm water (mine was abit tacky on both attempts but still came out lovely).

I couldn't roll mine out as it was still abit tacky, so I spread the dough over the tray (I bought some pizza trays with holes in), added a layer of passata, then for hubby added pepperoni, jalepenos, onion and mushrooms (I cooked these before putting on) and cheese, on mine I added leftover bbq chicken from the night before with HE cheese, 15-20 mins in the oven at 200, it was amazing! Hubby said it was the best pizza he has ever had. No more takeaway pizzas for us!!.
Sep 12th '15 11:11 AM
That sounds good! And I have a bread machine so I could get the dough mixed in there. Definitely on the list for shopping next week as we both love pizza
Sep 12th '15 11:13 AM
Would be even better in a bread machine, maybe I should get one!
Sep 12th '15 14:17 PM
That's an interesting idea, may have to attempt this one week!