Easy Foods to Take to Games - Old Red & Green Days

Sep 4th '15 20:32 PM
House of Bowden
I need lots of suggestions! I'm a very busy mom with two boys in high school on two different baseball teams. We are on the go all the time. I eat a little at a time (because of previous weight loss surgery) but I need to eat every two hours. I am trying to do the old way of SW - Red (protein) & Green (Carb) Days (I am also gluten free).

I need ideas for items I can take to the games and eat (that's not always a green salad or bad prepackaged food like crisp, candy, etc.). Boiled eggs, deli meat rolls, rice salad, similar items. Any snack type of items?

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!
Sep 5th '15 00:07 AM
Hi please ignore my ignorance as I'm unsure what you may and may not eat.. But a crust less quiche is great for travel - whisk up 3 eggs and fold in tub of low fat cottage cheese, add in as many different veggies as you like, meats, beans whatever you like and bake for 30 mins or till golden .. I add garlic and herbs and this tastes good chilled as well as hot from the oven.. Slimming world do a 7 day planner on their website with lots of ideas for packed lunches and snacks etc it's my saviour you don't even need to log on
Sep 5th '15 00:31 AM
Red days my go to are pre cooked and marinated chicken thighs , skin off. They hold loads of flavour, cheap and easy to take in foil or pots. If I'm out and about with my sporty kids and I get caught without a snack I can usually find a supermarket nearby to buy pre cooked chicken drumsticks, or chicken breast on the chilled shelf or even from the hot deli counter.

Slices of beef, wrapped around spring onions ( scallions?) sliced and cucumber , almost like Chinese Peking duck wraps. Dill pickles...
Pot of stir fried pork, home made chilli ( 5% fat lean steak mince) .
Lean ham slices...
Quorn steaks, sausages all low syn.
Sep 5th '15 05:28 AM
House of Bowden
Synner - Basically gluten-free means I can't have food with flour/wheat (bread, pasta, some cereals, etc.) Your idea for crustless quiche is great! I tried little mini muffin quiches but they came out a little dry. (Maybe I need to try and not cook it too long.) Do you know if cottage cheese is free on the old SW plan?

Quins - Love the idea of chicken drumsticks! Yes, I have done deli meat rolled with either a cheese stick or dill pickle. Yum - will try the Peking duck flavors - cucumber and spring onions

Sep 5th '15 12:06 PM
I've just dug out my old books, and yes fat free cottage cheese is fee on the green plan

My suggestions would be similar to Quins above. If you know you are going to a game, why not cook some chicken drumsticks or something that you can snack on? Or carrot sticks with hummus, etc.?
Sep 5th '15 15:12 PM
House of Bowden
Good to know that cottage cheese is free on a green day only! Thank you for looking that up!

Yes, I do like hummus! Is hummus free on a green day?
Sep 5th '15 15:34 PM
I've been eating a lot of fruit, it's so easy to just throw in my bag and then I can get straight out the door. I've also become a fan of the slimming world mini crustless quiches and the slimming world curry muffins. Again just really easy to throw in a sandwich bag and can eat on the go.
Sep 5th '15 16:26 PM
House of Bowden
Yum - I'll have to look up the recipe for SW Curry Muffins.
Sep 5th '15 16:29 PM
House of Bowden
So is the crustless quiche free in the old SW red and green days, if I didn't add the cottage cheese to it?
Sep 7th '15 10:23 AM
Quote by House of Bowden:
Good to know that cottage cheese is free on a green day only!
It's free on any plan. Same as ff yogurt, ff fromage frais and quark.