Syn Free Caramel Iced Coffee

Jul 14th '15 16:31 PM
I have always been obsessed with starbucks iced coffees but they have so many syns that i can't bring myself to get one anymore! (sad face)


I have been making these iced coffees for about a year now and they are amazing and super yummy PLUS syn free!!

Douwe Egberts Coffee - caramel flavour (1tsp)
250ml - 350ml skimmed milk! (healthy xtra)
about 4-5 cubes of ice!
100ml of boiling water
sweetener (if needed, i use 2)


Add coffee to glass with boiling water and sweetener. Mix until dissolved and add the ice and milk! Give it a good stir and pop in a straw!

So refreshing!

Hope this was helpful to some of you!
Its a nice change from hot tea and coffee!
Jul 14th '15 17:37 PM
These sound great!
Jul 14th '15 17:44 PM
I used to drink a couple of starbucks a day but moved to an area without one. I'm now on costa

Will have to give this a go. ta
Jul 14th '15 21:42 PM
I used to work at Starbucks, and they don't have too many syns if you use your HE A on it all. There's around 340ml in a tall (small) drink, which is just under the 350ml of skimmed milk allowed. No syns in coffee, and if you use sugar free caramel, that's syn free too.

Note that the above is for an iced latte, which is different to a coffee frapuccino. The frapuccino is blended with coffee from a carton, milk, ice, and a syrup used to bind it all together. The only syns are for the syrup, and whilst I don't know how much that would be, only 2 pumps are used for a small coffee frapuccino.