Avocado Slaw

Jan 5th '17 11:36 AM
Recipe suits those clean eating, not afraid of fats, training, high fat days, macros....

You will need
Citrus juicer

1 carrot
1 onion
White cabbage
Nut oil
Fresh chilli
Natural full/low/no fat yogurt

Coriander - a little on the side or mixed into the slaw
wedge of lime to squeeze over food for extra tang
If you don't like chilli you could make without

- Blend 1 avocado, splash nut oil, 2 juiced limes & 3 tbsp natural yog (fat preference depending on your food plan)- Grate a small/medium onion & 1 carrot

- Finely slice half a cabbage - finely slice a red #chilli

- Add to bowl and mix with some salt and pepper to taste

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Serving suggestions:
1- Egg wraps, use an omelette pan and don't make them too thick. Tip - cook one sided on the hob and put under the grill for top
2 - Beside spiced grilled chicken, I love the foreman grill
3 - Burgers of any meat with either carb or mushrooms buns depending on your food routine

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Jan 5th '17 19:05 PM
This looks great