Cucumber Sandwiches

Aug 15th '13 18:30 PM
My favorite lunch ever are these cucumber sandwiches! I use a 100 calorie sandwich thin spread with 2 teaspoons of cream cheese that has been mixed with chives and dill. I place my cucumber slices on top of the cream cheese (I can usually fit 5 slices), and sprinkle with additional dill. The entire sandwich is about 250 calories and it fresh and filling! My kids even love this sandwich!
Aug 16th '13 12:29 PM
I love cucumber and tuna sandwiches with a little cream cheese
Aug 16th '13 13:15 PM
That sounds really good. I'll try it out with my kids because we love cucumber and we love sandwiches. I'll follow your exact recipe but I'll add some extra calories for my kids.
Aug 18th '13 16:13 PM
These combinations sound really delicious, and a good alternative to Marmite and cucumber on Ritz crackers that is my usual choice. My only gripe is that cucumber makes things go soggy if left too long.
Aug 19th '13 15:40 PM
I've never combined things with my cucumber sandwiches. I like to slice the cucumbers really, really thin and layer then on the bread. All I use is a little mayonnaise and a sprinkle of salt.
Aug 21st '13 19:29 PM
I'm so glad all you ladies are going to give it a try! Sizeseven, my son asks for his made with roasted garlic hummus and likes a thick slab of tomato on top of the cucumber. My daughter like shredded carrot. As long as they are eating their veggies, I add whatever they want!!
Aug 21st '13 23:00 PM
I don't know why but I have never thought about trying a cucumber sandwich before. It sounds as though I may have been missing out! I will definitely try them out.
Aug 22nd '13 08:02 AM
Ooo I love cucumber sandwiches! I usually give the girls cucumber sticks with their sandwiches, so will try and get them eating them! They're really fussy with sandwiches, one will only eat ham or chicken and the other only eats cheese! They need some variety
Aug 22nd '13 13:20 PM
I love cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches! The only problem is that cucumbers don't always seem to love me back. I taste them for the rest of the evening. I've tried the seedless variety and that's much better for my little problem.