Stuffed courgettes

Apr 14th '15 16:16 PM
boil whole courgettes for 15 mins ish, then slice down the middle and scoop out the guts to make a boat ( mind your fingers tis hot! )
for the filling i finely chop the courgette innards, red onion, add sweetcorn, butternut squash - fry this off in that squirty spray oil thing for about 10 mins on low to soften, add your spices as you please - garlic, pepper, whatever you like. You can add whatever you want though! Maybe a bit of diced chicken too? finely diced.
Crack 2 eggs and throw the yolks ( so tasty but NO ) so you just have the whites
chuck the egg white in with all your chopped up bits, and add to your little courgette canoes
oven bake at 180 for half an hour BOOM this will fill you up a treat and also its fab cold for lunch the next day

same can be achieved with aubergines :-)

Will post pics soon!
Apr 14th '15 18:37 PM
Stuffed courgettes-uploadfromtaptalk1429033017821.jpg

Apr 14th '15 19:02 PM
They look great!
Apr 15th '15 12:49 PM
These do look great!

How much onion, butternut squash, sweetcorn are you adding roughly?

Wondering what else would work nice with these ... #foodspiration
Apr 15th '15 14:13 PM
ah... i never put amounts when i write up recipes sorry i always just know

I would say about half of a half of butternut squash..if that makes sense?
one red onion
half a large tin of sweetcorn

if you make too much the rest is so good fried off as a chunky omlette!
Apr 15th '15 14:17 PM
Quote by Wobbles:
Wondering what else would work nice with these ... #foodspiration
There are loads of variations to this recipe, scrap the egg and fill them with spicy quorn mince and brown rice ( you need to cook all this off serperate and just bake for about 20 mins )

I have done this with couscous and roasted veg ( again scrap the egg ...texture is a bit with couscous )