Scotch Eggs

Jul 3rd '13 22:33 PM
I made these at Lucas' birthday party and they went down a treat! No-one noticed they were a healthy version until I mentioned it

Mix extra lean pork mince with a little salt and pepper, wrap around hard boiled eggs, spray with a little fry light and roll in wholemeal breadcrumbs (or if you're on SW, I've heard crushed scan bran makes good breadcrumbs and would yield a lot more I guess). Or you could be a bit different and roll them in chopped chives, chilli flakes, cracked black pepper, etc.
Spray with a bit more fry light and stick them in the oven for a bit - yum!
Jul 4th '13 16:19 PM
What temp did you have them on for hun and how long in oven? x
Jul 4th '13 21:06 PM
oooh they sound lovely.

This might sound daft but when i make boiled eggs the shell never comes off easy and the eggs end up all battered. Anyone have a tip?
Jul 5th '13 19:26 PM
Peel them hot