Stuffed tomatoes

Jan 4th '14 16:36 PM
These came out really good! I took some small tomatoes and cut out the center. I stuffed them with with a few different things like hummus, tuna salad, and ricotta cheese. I made a bunch of them! They are almost bite-sized.
Jan 4th '14 17:43 PM
Yum Sounds similar to something I make sometimes, but I stuff a red pepper with pretty much the same fillings + a diced tomato
Jan 4th '14 18:45 PM
When I clicked on this thread, I was wondering what you'd be filling the tomatoes with. We make stuffed green bell peppers sometimes, but we stuff them with rice and seasoned meat. The tomatoes sound good, too, though!
Jan 5th '14 03:24 AM
Ooh... this sounds delicious! I really like stuffed peppers and I love tomatoes! I think tuna salad or cheese would be delicious. I don't care for hummus so I wouldn't try that.
Jan 6th '14 15:14 PM
Yum they sound really good! A nice twist on the regular stuffed peppers
Jan 28th '14 20:46 PM
Oh nice I never thought of doing them like this ... I'm assuming uncooked. I have only done larger cooker stuffed tomatoes. Bet they look nice on the table beside a salad.
Feb 9th '14 02:35 AM
This sounds really good! I wonder how they would hold up baked. I love stuffed peppers. The hummus especially seems like a good choice. Rice probably wouldn't do too well, but quinoa or couscous might.
Feb 9th '14 03:16 AM
That sounds really good. I already love tomatoes, so this would probably satisfy my cravings. Similar to stuffed peppers, but using tomatoes instead. I don't know why I have never thought of this.