Rugby Woes

Oct 19th '15 17:12 PM
So after a fantastic first week of losing 4.1KG I had a bit of a blow out!

Went through to Edinburgh for the Scotland game and met up with some friends, a few beers led into a LOT and I have no idea how much vodka was consumed!

To make things worse, ordered a pizza for the train home!

Not a good start to the second week!

Today is SYN free for sure and not many planned for the rest of the week!

Travelling for work tomorrow and will be in hotels for the next few days! Hoping they can accommodate!!!

Does anyone know anywhere good to eat for SW in Brighton?
Nov 24th '15 15:26 PM
Oh dear James We all go there ... I hope you've managed to recover from the naughty but I'm sure nice bad foods and drinks

I find most places now offer the basic salads which is often your best choice or small bite meals.