Ice cream sundaes!

Jun 15th '14 21:02 PM
Okay I wouldn't be complaining if I only ate one of these this week. The problem is that I went to three parties over the last two days. At each party we had ice cream sundaes. I had chocolate sauce, nuts and whipped cream on my ice cream. I better hit the gym a few more times this week.
Jun 15th '14 21:12 PM
Ooh they sound delicious! It's something that I probably wouldn't be able to resist either!
Jun 15th '14 22:14 PM
These are sooooo hard to resist when out for a meal but I can excuse myself when it's a party/special occasion
Jun 17th '14 17:01 PM
Ice-cream is my passion!! i understand you so well!! extra time in gym will help to reduce harm;-))