Great Bupa Manchester Run - Complete

May 22nd '14 21:02 PM
Well training is over and so is the big event ... I did various distances in training and x4 full 10km runs, the least time I smashed it in was 1 hour 6 minutes 18 seconds, I was buzzing!

18th May turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far in the UK and temps hit 25C with the sun beaming strong, I was devastated, I thought the previous week running in 20C but cloudy was a struggle.

I got to 7.5km roughly and felt it, with only 1 water stop/station provided for inexperienced runners and those in fancy dress for charities etc it was tough, not weather the UK is used to over here, it's rare . I send a jumbled text to Stircrazy hoping someone had found a spot between where I was and the end to give me a bottle of water but sadly nobody was close. I would have definitely picked up a little speed with the adrenaline, wanting to beat my training time and the fact I do short bursts of faster running but I had 2 options
  1. let it hurt, risk it and get to the end
  2. risk it and risk not getting to the end
I listened to what my body told me, finishing was more important.

I finished my first event at:
1 hour 17 minutes 34 seconds ... 11 minutes 16 seconds more than I'd have liked granted but I made it, many didn't get past the finishing line that day from either being too inexperienced (can't believe some people don't train if not planning to walk it) or pushing themselves too far.

Either way this is an achievement for me, I wouldn't have been doing this last year I'm proud of one more step forward to a better more active me and on top of it I raised an amazing 706 in memory of the most precious baby girl I've ever met thanks to friends, family and even strangers. The compliments I got after were overwhelming

Fundraising page:
Newspaper article:
My training thread:
Run pics:
*Very disappointed in the run pictures I'm on the right of the lady in main focus with purple running bottoms on, black top and it seems an event organiser has his head in the camera view as I passed at the start. Shame, I'd have especially have loved my time picture printed.

Have attached a few pictures including one showing my very soon after run look with a can of vodka and lime then one with Darcies Mum then sporting a glass of vodka at the pub but calmer ha! Also starting with me was a friends husband (pictured top right of one picture with me) who raised around a whooping 1000 for a different neonatal unit amazing!

AND NOW .... bring on a half marathon I'm not going to fluke it or just make it through I plan to train HARD and smash it #bringiton

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May 22nd '14 21:34 PM
Really proud of you You did good
May 23rd '14 10:31 AM
Wow well done Wobbs! You've done so amazing to raise all that money and to do the run. It looked like hard work! You should be so proud of yourself!
May 23rd '14 12:41 PM
Amazing!! You look fab in the pictures. You should be so fricken proud, lady

Jun 24th '14 17:50 PM
wow well done for that
Jun 24th '14 20:57 PM
so proud !!! you did so so well !!!

When is the half in 2015 ?
Jun 24th '14 23:16 PM